Porcelain enamel signs Specifications and options

Indoors and outdoors; porcelain enamel signs are virtually unlimited in their light fastness and resistance to weather conditions of all kinds.


Porcelain enamel signs are also available as thermometers, clocks or metal chalkboards.

Minimum quantity

For intricate images made up of a range of colours, it is advisable that you order a minimum quantity of 100. Individual items and low-volume production


Up to a maximum of 700 mm x 900 mm. You can opt for an measurements and shapes in between.


We specialise in custom-shaped porcelain enamel signs.
Here is an example: Falken Tyres
Porcelain enamel signs are never flat. Instead they are crowned (curved in four directions) curved on one level or edge-bended. This is because a flat sheet of metal would go out of shape when exposed to the around 800C inside the furnace.


Parts of the sign may be embossed. Here is an example: Alpine Gastgeber.


Four holes, one in each corner of the sign, are the best mounting option for square signs. For round, oval, and contour cut signs we recommend hidden mounting and a cross mount. The result of this looks as follows: The sign will essentially float a few centimetres away from the wall as you can see here: Bugatti This smaller sign is another example of this: Alpine Gastgeber.


Approx. 1.2 mm of special steel. With the enamelling this will be approx 2 mm wide. This means that a 300 mm x 400 mm sign will weight around 1.7 kg.

Image application and colours

Ceramic screen printing or stencil technique. Four-colour printing, also referred to as cmyk, is not used for porcelain enamel signs. This is due to the high temperatures in the production process which require genuine pigment colours. Generally speaking, four-colour images can be produced using six to nine colours. However, in rare cases, up to twelve colours may be necessary. We specialise in high-resolution ceramic screen printing. Please see Porsche Turbo. The colours of gold and silver will be represented by genuine gold as well as platinum. Image: Alfa Romeo.

Image creation, graphic design and templates

We will be more than glad to create an image for you. All our graphic artists need is the elements you want to be featured on your sign, i.e. images, your logo etc. You will then receive a sample that will give you a very accurate idea of what your sign could look like. Any files sent must be at least 300 dpi and formatting must be 1/1.


Individually packed within a box. Packaging may be laminated, printed and/or be prepared for dispatch if you so wish. Here is an example: Spirou et Fantasio

Delivery time

Porcelain enamel signs will generally be delivered within six to eight weeks.


Prices for porcelain enamel signed are calculated on an individual basis. Please use our Quotation form or send an email to info@emailleschilder.de.
Please note: In order for us to be able to send you an accurate quote, we will require the image you would like to use.

Examples and references

You will find examples here.