What type of sign should I opt for - porcelain enamel, tin metal or aluminium? What are your minimum order quantities?

This depends on a number of factors, such as where, how and how many signs you want to use and what you want to achieve. The minimum quantity for embossed tin metal signs is usually 500. For porcelain enamel signs and aluminium signs, the minimum quantity is 100.

Can I buy individual signs depicted here?

No. We make signs as ordered by our customers. You cannot buy these from us. We are sorry to inform you that there are no exceptions to this. Our customers are the copyright owners of these signs.

Where are your production facilities and what are your delivery times?

We have production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic. Production is usually done partially in these two locations. Our usual delivery times are four to six weeks. In the event of a busy season, particularly intricate signs and/or substantial orders, delivery may take longer.

Where can I view your prices?

Our signs are produced individually and, therefore, our prices are also calculated on an individual basis. Our price range is from under one Euro up to several hundreds of Euros per item. Please use our Enquiry form or send an email to info@emailleschilder.de. You can also call us on: +49 (0) 8165 / 80177 and we will be more than glad to indicate a price range.

Can I have individual house numbers, street signs, notices and name boards made of porcelain enamel?

These signs are freely available here (in German): www.classic-emaille.de.  Feel free to send a mail in english to info@classic-emaille.de

Can I have individual porcelain enamel signs made either as single items or as part of a low-volume production not exceeding 100 pieces?

Yes. To be able to calculate a price, we require your artwork. Please send your inquiry for signs under 100 pieces to info@classic-emaille.de