Metal trays Options, properties and specifications
Printing, pricing and minimum orders

Prior to being made into a tray, the tin metal is printed on both sides, using offset printing (70 lpc). The trays are then punched out and they then undergo deep-drawing processes.

The main factor determining the price is – among the number of items ordered – the number of printing processes necessary. Metal trays that feature four-colour printing on both sides, i.e. eight  printing processes, are more elaborate in their production. This fact will also be reflected by the price.

The minimum number of metal trays for orders of this kind is 1,000. However, this is really only economical for orders exceeding 2,000 metal trays.


The metal trays are 356 mm in diameter and 54 mm in height.

Please refer to this illustration: Measurements for metal trays

Metallic effects

Metallic silver and golden effects are also an option. Combining four-colour printing and direct colours is not a problem at all.
For maximum effect at a low price, you can opt for having the colour printed right on the metal. The plain, silvery areas will be painted with protective coating.

Anti-slip coating

The inner bottom of the tray features anti-slip coating. This coating is dishwasher safe as is the whole tray.

Delivery units, packing quantity and weight

We deliver 20 trays in one box.

Weight per item: 0.4 kg

Number of boxes per euro pallet 50
Number of trays per pallet: 1000

Delivery time

6 weeks