Embossed metal signs Options and specifications

Indoor use; offset printing is only light fast up to a point. For outdoor use, we offer aluminium signs that come with a four-year warranty for outdoor use. We also offer porcelain enamel signs that virtually last forever.


Embossed metal signs are also available as chalkboards, clocks, thermometers and calendars.

Minimum order

500 pieces


Up to a maximum of approx. 800 mm x 600 mm; you can choose any size below this.


Any format is possible up to the maximum size stated. Contour cutting allows you to choose any atypical, custom-made shape. Examples: Rothaus bottle and image Juicy.


You will receive an obligation-free preview of any possible and sensible embossing options. All we need is your image. A JPG or PDF file will do. This is what previews look like: Radeberger embossed


We usually use bores but hidden mounting units are also an option.


Metal signs can be delivered with a cardboard stand if you so wish. This is in addition to the bores. Here is an example: cardboard stand (optional). Your sign can also have a folded edge at the bottom. Here is an example: Metal stand. There is also a third option: a detachable metal stand.


Steel plate, approx. 0.5 mm


Four-colour offset printing (cymk) in a grid of 70. Special colours may be available. This is subject to the cartridge used. Metal effects are also available when transparent colours can be printed directly onto the metal. The frame of this sign is a good example of this: Examples: K2 and for a particularly beautiful example, we have a combination of the colours Stihl of gold, bronze and silver.


Details can be discussed.


These are usually packed individual in poly bags with 20 to 40 units per box. Upon request, items can be delivered individually packed in a box. Packaging may be laminated, printed and/or be prepared for dispatch if you so wish.
Here is an example: Dunlop anniversary sign

Delivery time

Approx. 4 to 6 weeks.


Prices for embossed metal signs are calculated on an individual basis. Please use our offer form or send an email to info@emailleschilder.de. We will be more than glad to advice you over the phone and to give you an idea of the price range you might be looking at for the sign you would like. Telephone +49 (0) 8165 / 80177.

References and examples

To see examples please click here.