Porcelain enamel advertising signs.

Do you know of an advertising medium that will not be thrown away and that increases in value as time goes by?
Be it for use at the point of sale, as a merchandising product such as Porsche or as a high-value give away, porcelain enamel signs always excude high value and durability. Porcelain enamel signs never lose their colour and they are 100% corrosion-free and as such ideal for outdoor use.
We can produce virtually an image, individual shapes, contours and embossing. To be able to provide you with a quote, we will need your image, the size you want and the number of signs you are interested in ordering. All you have to do is send us your JPG file or PDF file by email. For more intricate signs, it is advisable that you order a minimum quantity of 100. Please fill in our offer form for serial productions.
For more information, please see Specifications.